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I don't want you to buy a game you're not interested in, so here's the design decisions and concepts. This game is heavily narrativist. That means the system is very simple without any real tactical complexity. It’s more focused on telling a cool story than on careful resource management. There's lots of ways for players to manipulate the dice rolls, and players almost always succeed. There are resources to manage and randomness from dice certainly plays a part (six siders, to be exact). No PC has infinite resources, but you can typically expect the players to succeed in any challenge without any tactical care or consideration.

Alique is intended to be generic, and so who you play and what they do depends on the setting you choose to use or create. It's also intended to be light, fast, and a breeze to get into and just start playing. As such, Alique leans heavily towards freeform cinematic action, and theater of the mind. 

Alique can also work with any genre or style that the group wishes to embrace. Alique uses a pool of d6 to roll. Usually one, commonly two or three, but sometimes (rarely) 5 or more. Roll a die, take the highest, and compare the result to the table. If you don't like the result, spend a point from a character trait and roll again. High is good, low is bad, middling results, middling successes.


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Added a new file, the Alique system with shiny graphics and pretty layout. Same game.


Due to recent events with the OGL, I have removed the OGL references and updated to the newest version of Creative Commons.

I have a few thoughts about this system and this PDF in particular. This system is lite. It is not meant for number crunching or for simulation type games. It is meant to tell a story. A story that is shared with the GM and the players. The whole system revolves around Plot Points that allow the players to have major control over the system. More then would be the case in other systems. This leads to the GM being more of a mediator than anything else. The PDF is well written and organized. It is quick read that will allow virtually anyone to pick up the system and start running with it. One thing I would have liked to see is more mention of the appendix in the main book. They add a lot of variation to the system that might make it more crunchy. All in all this is a good system and product. 4 stars out of 5.

Could this system be used for solo gaming? Would the rules as written work unchanged? Thanks.

This is a bit of a tricky question. In terms of use as system, Alique is absolutely fine for solo play. It contains all the elements you need for character creation and task resolution, and as such can be used that way without a problem.

In terms of plot generation... well, you're still acting as your own GM. There's no method of creating a story other than the standard tools that a GM uses in the GM's section to create stories for any group of players. There's no table to roll on to suggest plot threads or mechanism that says when to add new complications.

As the designer, well, I use it for solo play a fair bit. Sometimes when I need more complications to occur, I will deliberately take a less optimal roll, a 3 or 4, to deliberately create more complications for my character. And of course the advice in the GM's section to spin new plots off of what it is my character wants, and how their background might complicate that want.

I hope that helps?